The future of seeds


The future of seeds

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Three global companies control 60% of the seed market, which prevents fair competition. Fewer seed varieties remain, which threatens biodiversity.

The Importance of Seeds

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Our commitment towards seeds is an effort to increase biodiversity. We fight for this because quality seeds must be available to everyone.
Dr. Stefan Siemer Head of Corporate Sustainability

Seeds are resilient

Weleda select seeds for plants with the best qualities for medicinal products and cosmetics.

Not all seeds are equal

Loss of seed diversity leads to a decline in biodiversity - the food for plants and insects. In turn this impacts human wellbeing.

We always aim to use seeds from our own culture, or from trusted biodynamic seed producers.
Pierre Kappler Head Gardener, France & Switzerland

The Treasure of the Garden

Seeds are the beginning and end of everything that happens in the Weleda garden, which is why we respect and value quality seed varieties.

  • The German Weleda Garden are key contributors to Hortus Officinarum.

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We grow our own seeds and operate a wholly self-sufficient garden; seed to seed. It's a cycle.
Jan Graafland Head Gardener, Netherlands Garden

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