Ethical sourcing

People and planet

Ethical sourcing

People and planet

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Weleda source ethically

We’re proud to have a transparent and ethical supply chain that promotes people and biodiversity.

There is a real chance to participate. It's nice that you can suggest an idea and your boss tells you to go for it.
José Contreras Jojoba Farm Manager

Bringing life to the desert

Jojoba is biodynamically grown and harvested in the Argentinian desert to benefit people and plants.

Argan and female empowerment

A new culture is making the world a little richer for plant, people and product! The Berber people in Morocco call argan oil liquid gold.

  • Tucked away in the southwest of Morocco, Weleda is sourcing wild harvested argan.

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Why Weleda looks after people and planet

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We have built trusting relationships with our partners around the world. This is how we obtain high quality raw materials.
Dr. Birgit Brander Head of the International Quality Unit
  • Supplier Engagement of the Year, Responsible Business Award, 2017

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Connecting people and nature

Arnica grows wild, so its cultivation is a careful process which protects biodiversity and supports local people by creating job opportunities.

The story of Arnica

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We are excited that the entire Weleda group will be certified B-Corp by 2022. This echoes our good business commitment cultivated over 100 years.
Dr. Stefan Siemer Head of Corporate Sustainability

The story of Lavender

Sourcing where plants naturally grow, paying fairly for crops, including those lost to bad weather, local communities are able to find work.

The sun is setting over a large field of lavender in Moldova, casting a warm glow over long rows swaying in the breeze. The sky is bright blue with a few clouds drifting past and there are green hills in the distance.
The principle of conducting business for the good of people and nature is in our DNA.

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